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9:13 am NZST, 21 May 2024

Yes Bueno! We love this new, chunky display font (Bueno), with a free version available if that’s your thing. Check it out here.

2:08 pm NZST, 19 May 2024

This is definitely going to save time when coding websites and web apps: AI-powered error debugging built right into Google Chrome’s dev tools ✨

8:26 pm NZST, 18 May 2024

We’re stoked to see that the :has CSS pseudo selector is now supported in all major browsers 😎

4:13 pm NZST, 18 May 2024

Twitter is now X.com — the social network has finally, officially, 100% switched over to the X.com domain name.

5:18 pm NZST, 17 May 2024

OpenAI has struck another deal with Reddit, using the social network’s posts to train its AI models. Read more at The Verge

4:00 pm NZST, 16 May 2024

We just launched Te Taenga Mai, a brand new website about HIV, told through the voices of migrants, refugee and asylum seekers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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