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3:20 pm NZST, 18 June 2024

Oops — the US FTC is suing Adobe for its “deceptive” subscription practices and hidden early termination fees. As long time Adobe customers we can’t help but agree with the FTC’s allegations.

12:55 pm NZST, 15 June 2024

Yikes. Looks like Microsoft is delaying Recall (the “feature” that monitors everything you do on your PC and saves it to a non-encrypted file) due to security concerns. Who would’ve thought?!

12:55 pm NZST, 11 June 2024

AI = Apple Intelligence? Bring it on! Apple’s method of doing as much as possible on-device (and outsourcing to OpenAI/ChatGPT only when you ask it to) is going to be a huge win for both speed and privacy. We can’t wait!

3:23 pm NZST, 6 June 2024

AI continues its winning streak as Nvidia’s $3.01 trillion market cap overtakes Apple’s for the first time in history 🤯

4:02 pm NZST, 24 May 2024

Google’s AI Overviews are off to a great start (not…) — how many rocks should we eat per day? At least one, according to Google

9:13 am NZST, 21 May 2024

Yes Bueno! We love this new, chunky display font (Bueno), with a free version available if that’s your thing. Check it out here.

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