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Email marketing

Effective email marketing requires automation, customisation, and personalisation. We work with industry standard email marketing tools including Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and ClickDimensions on a daily basis, leveraging the best techniques to get your open and click rates soaring.

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We work with industry standard tools including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and ClickDimensions (for our enterprise clients). Our email marketing offering is a full service, from initial setup through to growing your email database and creating automations to streamline your email marketing campaigns and keep your recipients engaged. We create custom designs for one-off campaigns, and templates for ongoing email newsletters that you can easily send yourself.

Three steps to email marketing success

Email design and content aside, we believe that email marketing success begins with three key steps. Follow these and you’ll be well on the way to using email marketing to grow your business.

Acquisition: growing your email database

This one goes without saying – if you don’t have a database of recipients (typically these are your customers), you’re just shouting into the wind. We help you to grow your subscriber database in many ways, the most common being opt-in forms on your website or online store. Our recommendation is to only ask for the information you actually need (a first name and email address are enough for many businesses), as the more form fields you include, the lower your conversion rates will be.

Consent is key

When customers contact you online – such as via a general contact form on your website – you can ask them for permission to send them marketing emails. Remember that permission here is key – if they haven’t opted in to receive non-direct email communications from you, your marketing emails to them could be seen as unwanted or even illegal (see the Department of Internal Affairs website for more on this from a New Zealand perspective).

Segmentation: knowing your customers

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Segmentation is the art of categorising your customers by certain attributes that relate to your business or industry. By getting to know who your customers are and how they interact with your business, you can email them with content that relates to them on a more personal level, thus increasing interaction with your emails.

A great example would be an online pet store. Segmentation here could be as simple as your email database storing whether each customer or recipient owns a cat or a dog (or both), so you can send them promotions that relate to their pet/s. If you had a sale on dog food, would you really want to bother your cat-owning customers with an email that’s of no interest to them?

At Mix Digital we’re segmentation experts. We excel at segmenting email campaigns, whether it’s sending emails to only specific segments of your database or customising email content within a single campaign based on your segments.

Automation: email marketing on autopilot

Email automation allows us to set up email campaigns that are sent to recipients automatically based on an almost unlimited number of factors. One of the most common automated emails is the “abandoned cart sequence”, which emails customers of your online store (if they’ve signed in with their email address) to remind them that they haven’t completed the checkout process and that they’ve left items in their online shopping cart.

Another great use of automated email campaigns is to surprise and delight your customers. Some of our clients send “happy birthday” emails to their customers once a year (sometimes with a discount code too). It requires no input from you (or us!) other than the initial setup, and it keeps your brand or product in your customers’ minds.

Email automation is not a one-way street; you can even use the behaviour of your recipients to update other places where you store customer data, for example you could update your CRM software to tag the customers who opened your most recent email campaign, marking them for follow-up by your team.

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Templates for regular email communications

For our clients that have the in-house capability and skills to send regular email campaigns, we create email templates that are on-brand and look beautiful in all of the major email apps. Our focus in these cases is on flexibility, giving you a somewhat blank canvas that can accept images and text in any combination. It goes without saying that the templates we create are consistent with your brand’s visual identity.

From there, you’re free to send email campaigns whenever you please, without incurring any costs other than the fees you pay to the email marketing provider (Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp being the two leaders). These templates are also ideal when paired with email automation (more on that above).

Bespoke email designs for one-off campaigns

Some of our clients send email marketing campaigns on an ad-hoc basis; that is, campaigns that don’t follow a schedule and will likely be used only once. This is especially common for our B2B clients. These campaigns give us a lot of freedom in terms of their design and layout, as they don’t need to be flexible since the content is set in stone and used only once.

For these campaigns, we typically leverage a lot of personalisation data within the content and design, resulting in sky-high open and click rates. We call it hyper-personalisation.

We work with the following platforms and technologies:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mailchimp
  • SendGrid
  • ClickDimensions (for enterprise users)

Our email marketing services include:

  • Email template designs
  • Email template builds (HTML code optimised for email apps)
  • Integration of websites and online stores with email marketing platforms
  • Subscriber acquisition forms for existing websites and online stores
  • Setup of email automation systems

Email marketing pairs well with these other services:

Examples of our email marketing

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