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Rosebank Business Association Website

We crafted a website for the Rosebank Business Association (RBA), featuring an extensive directory of business listings.

RBA is a Business Improvement District (BID), and is considered by Auckland Council to be one of the more successful commercial/industrial BIDs in Auckland. Today, RBA represents more than 650 businesses and 9,000+ people.

We created a fresh website for RBA in response to their members’ need for a contemporary online business directory, along with more frequent news and editorial content to keep them informed.

The new homepage displays the most recent news and editorial content up first

Bespoke business directory

The core of the RBA website is a custom-built business directory that we created to meet the RBA’s specific needs. It features hundreds of businesses spanning various categories, with visual priority given to those that are paid members of the Association.

We began the website planning process by defining the categories in which businesses would sit, condensing the list down from its existing sprawling form into something a lot more refined and easier for users to navigate.

A screenshot of the RBA Business Directory, showing listings in the "Machinery Equipment" category
Browsing through the directory is straightforward, thanks to the category bar present on each listing category and page

Automatic data imports

Every morning, business listing data is automatically imported from RBA’s CRM (Zoho) and synchronised with the data fields on the RBA WordPress website. This eliminates the need for the RBA team to update or create listings twice, as there is one definitive source (Zoho) that ensures the website remains current, minimising the chances of outdated or inaccurate listings. This requirement was firmly established by the RBA team during the website’s planning phase, and we are pleased to have delivered an ideal solution.

Custom Google Maps

We used the Google Cloud Platform to build a system that automatically matches a business’ name with its address, outputting an embedded Google Map onto each business listing. This goes a step beyond the standard Google Maps embed that just shows an address, and instead shows the rich information card for each specific business (including its Google Reviews rating).

Google Maps embeds are created automatically on-the-fly, matching a business with its address on each business listing

News & events

In addition to the business directory, we incorporated news and blogs functionality. This allows RBA to regularly share informative content about the area, keeping visitors engaged and informed. This involves an online adaptation of the RBA’s monthly printed Roundabout magazine, with both current and past editions available for download. The RBA team can easily add these themselves on a monthly basis.

Current and past issues of the Roundabout magazine are available to download

Project highlights

  • WordPress website
  • Custom-built directory of business listings
  • Automatic daily data imports from external CRM
  • Custom-built Google Maps integration with auto-matching
  • Visit the RBA website

Expertise we provide to RBA

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