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St Cuthbert’s College Website

We designed and built a new website for St Cuthbert’s College to support their mission of Making Girls Amazing.

The website features captivating photography and user-friendly navigation, ensuring an engaging experience for students, parents, and faculty members. We delved into the school’s history, traditions, and academic programmes to integrate them into the website’s design, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

Video: A full-screen video greets users on the website. We utilised intelligent adaptive streaming technology to guarantee near-instantaneous playback regardless of the user’s connection speed.

We were fortunate to have access to an existing College library of incredible photos and video content, which we used to great effect throughout the website. Large, full-width header images adorn key internal pages, setting the scene and giving the user a feel for the St Cuthbert’s experience.

Photo of a page on the St Cuthbert's website, with a large header image. the page title is "Request a Prospectus".
Oversized header images on key pages make use of the incredible St Cuthbert’s photo library, showcasing the school and its students in various settings

When we built the website structure and designed the various page templates, special consideration was given to content flexibility, as some pages have large amounts of text content. It was our job to ensure that pages look great whether they have two paragraphs or twenty.

For ongoing content edits, we provided training to empower the St Cuthbert’s College team to add and edit content themselves (which they found a breeze thanks to the intuitive WordPress editing system!). This ensures that the content on the website is always up-to-date and accurate.

Video: On larger devices, a full-screen navigation system removes clutter and lets users zero-in on the content they’re looking for

Project highlights

  • WordPress website
  • Full website design and build
  • Versatile page templates to suit varying page lengths
  • Training provided for client to make content updates
  • Visit the St Cuthbert’s website

Expertise we provide to St Cuthbert’s College

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