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Destinations Magazine Website

We launched the digital version of this well-adored travel magazine, highlighting the stunning imagery from Destinations’ vast photo library.

WordPress was the obvious candidate for the website platform, with its ability to effortlessly handle the hundreds of stories and thousands of images that make up Destinations’ editorial content. This also meant it would be easy for both the Destinations team and contributing authors to upload new stories.

Screenshot of the Destinations homepage, showing a large header image with "The History of Pilgrimage" in large text on top of the image.
The homepage opens with full-width imagery, showcasing the currently featured article
Screenshot showing a grid of 10 articles, with each article having a thumbnail image, headline, and byline
An editable grid of articles empowers the Destinations team to choose which content is featured on the homepage
Screenshot of the header area of an article. It shows the content on the left, including the headline "The History of Pilgrimage". On the right of the header is a large photo of a sculpture at the Burning Man Festival.
Every story page begins with a full-width header area, featuring a large image and an introduction to the story. Tags and author information are included at a small size, so as not to distract from the imagery.

Custom image pop-ups

When we began planning the Destinations website, we knew that a standard image gallery system was never going to do justice to the incredible imagery available for most stories. We ended up custom building a solution that shows off images at full screen size, with users able to show/hide information about each image.

Video: We built a custom image gallery system, showing off Destinations’ incredible photography in full screen. Users can hide the caption for each image for an even larger image experience.

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