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n3 Acquisition Campaign

We crafted a highly-converting landing page for n3’s latest customer acquisition campaign.

n3 is a business buying group based in New Zealand. We’ve worked with n3 for many years, creating full websites, campaign-specific landing pages, email marketing, and online advertising.

The brief for this project was to create a landing page for new customer (“Member”) acquisition, with a focus on generating qualified leads for the n3 sales team.

Video: An overlay form peeks out from the bottom of the page on desktop, grabbing the visitor’s attention as they scroll through the landing page. Clicking the form expands it to reveal a familiar, highly-converting form field layout.

Mobile users see an optimised layout, with a sticky navbar and call-to-action button that leads directly to the enquiry form (also optimised for small screens!)

Lightning-fast load times

Speed is crucial in crafting landing pages, and we consistently meet this requirement. In this project, we achieved an outstanding page performance score of 99% according to Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, the industry benchmark for website assessment. Gaining the final 1% is nearly impossible when utilising analytics and tracking scripts, essential for campaign and lead source analytics.

With a 99% score in performance, the landing page loads incredibly fast. This gives us the best possible chance of converting a website visitor into a qualified lead.

Remarketing ad banners

Traffic was generated for the landing page via offline channels including outdoor and print advertising, as well as through n3’s partner businesses. To bring back users who visited the landing page but didn’t complete an enquiry form (in other words, did not convert), we created ad banners to be used with Google Ads remarketing. We created these as two-frame animated banners to convey a lot of information in a relatively small size.

We created animated ad banners for Google Ads remarketing, targeting those who visit the landing page but don’t convert

Project highlights

  • Custom-built, bespoke landing page
  • Enquiry form optimised for campaign
  • 99% page speed score for lightning-fast load times
  • Ad banners for remarketing

Expertise we provided for this project

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