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Sweat with Pride

We helped Kiwis Sweat with Pride to raise over $1.8 million for Rainbow communities through innovative online peer-to-peer fundraising challenges.

We’ve collaborated with Burnett Foundation Aotearoa for several years, engaging in numerous projects and campaigns. Among them, a standout is Sweat with Pride, an annual online peer-to-peer fundraising challenge powered by the incredible Raisely platform and held in June each year.

Sweat with Pride inspires individuals, teams, and workplaces to exercise (in whatever form they choose!) their way to the top of the leaderboard, collecting donations along the way to support an incredibly worthy cause.

Bright, eye-catching colours are definitely not in short supply

At the heart of Sweat with Pride are three mascots, or “Perspirational Trainers” – famous and much-loved local drag queens and kings. Participants choose a trainer when signing up, and from then on they receive email and SMS communications from their trainer to help and encourage them on their exercise journey.

Screenshot of the Sweat with Pride website showing the three perspirational trainers: Greta Moveon, Tilda Sweatpours, and Jim Locker
Greta Moveon, Tilda Sweatpours, and Jim Locker: participants choose a perspirational trainer during sign-up

Once participants have signed up, they can customise their public profile page to explain why they’re sweating with pride, and set a daily exercise goal for the challenge month of June. Participants sign in to their dashboard to update their exercise totals, post “blog” updates, and receive encouragement from their trainer.

Participants can customise their public profile pages to explain why they’re sweating with pride and encourage people to donate to the challenge. In this example, Marose has raised more than $1000 – this is celebrated with extra visual flair applied automatically to their profile page.
Image showing three screenshots of the Sweat with Pride website on mobile
A huge portion of Sweat with Pride participants and visitors are on mobile; we optimised for this across all website pages (especially the donation form)

A recent addition to the annual Sweat with Pride challenge – and enhanced further for 2023 – is Workplaces. Large businesses and organisations are able to sign up as a special profile type, and then have their staff join underneath the Workplace umbrella to compete against fellow staff members and even other Workplaces. You can imagine the competition is fierce between competing large organisations, which of course leads to more donations being made!

Workplace profiles are stripped back visually, so as not to overpower the logos and brands of Workplaces that compete

Every year, we refresh Sweat with Pride’s visuals and enhance its functionality to make each challenge feel unique and to align with users’ expectations for this substantial web app. We maintain specific design elements for a sense of continuity that embodies “Sweat with Pride.”

Video: Each year, certain elements are retained from previous challenges, such as the video shown here. This provides a sense of familiarity and reassurance for returning participants.

Sweat with Pride 2023, the latest challenge at the time of writing, achieved remarkable success by raising over $645,000 for Rainbow communities!

Project highlights

  • Interactive peer-to-peer fundraising challenge
  • Built on the industry-leading Raisely fundraising platform
  • More than $1.8 million NZD raised for Rainbow communities
  • Full website/web app design and customisation by Mix Digital
  • Visit Sweat with Pride

Expertise we provide for Sweat with Pride

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