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n3 Hub Website

We designed and built a dynamic new website for n3 Hub, a leading New Zealand enterprise specialising in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Operations (MarOps) services.

Tailored to meet the needs of major corporations across New Zealand and Australia, the website showcases the cutting-edge nature of n3 Hub’s offerings.

We built the website on WordPress, allowing the n3 Hub teams on both sides of the Tasman to manage the website’s content at their own discretion without incurring further costs.

Customer journeys, explained visually

The homepage instantly engages visitors with a clear visual narrative of a customer journey, articulated through stylised diagrams. This highlights the sophisticated capabilities of the n3 Hub CDP, showcasing how it orchestrates complex data into coherent marketing and communication strategies.

Screenshot of the n3 Hub website homepage, showing an introductory section
The n3 Hub homepage gets right to the point, showing off the customer journey capabilities of the n3 Hub CDP through stylised diagrams

Full project management

We were tasked with a complete website design and build, with draft text/copy and a general direction being the only things supplied by the client. To elevate the content, we collaborated with local copywriters, ensuring that the narrative was polished and resonated with the discerning needs of large corporates and enterprises in New Zealand and Australia.

Screenshot of the n3 Hub website, showing a page about Data Acquisition, Analytics and Reporting
Our page designs effectively incorporate the distinctive range of purples from n3 Hub’s brand colour palette. A striking orange colour is reserved for primary calls-to-action (CTA) throughout the website.

Streamlined landing pages

We built dedicated landing pages within the WordPress framework, each embedded with HubSpot lead generation forms that seamlessly blend with the n3 Hub site design. To enhance user engagement and retain a focus on conversions, these pages feature a streamlined navigation bar, minimising distractions and guiding visitors towards the desired action.

Screenshot of the n3 Hub website, showing a landing page with an embedded HubSpot form.
Landing pages — built within the WordPress website — present a refined page layout with a focus on conversions

Early feedback from the client has been overwhelmingly positive. The n3 Hub team appreciates the WordPress platform for its straightforward editing capabilities, noting it as a marked improvement on their old website.

Project highlights

  • Full website design
  • Full WordPress website build
  • Copy written by local experts to match target audience
  • Streamlined landing pages with a focus on conversions
  • Embedded HubSpot forms to feed lead-gen data through to HubSpot
  • Visit the n3 Hub website

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