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Dress Smart Email Marketing

Dress Smart introduced outlet shopping to New Zealand in 1995 and has been part of the fabric of Auckland’s community ever since. With this history comes a large and engaged group of email subscribers, built up over the years to what we believe must be one of the largest email databases in New Zealand.

We built Dress Smart’s website in 2021 and have been managing their email marketing since then too, creating and building everything from basic sale announcements through to large campaigns to promote in-centre events and occasions.

Image showing three different Dress Smart email campaigns. Black Friday, Father's Day, and Lunar New Year.
Three examples of email campaigns we’ve created for Dress Smart, all optimised for the mobile-using majority. Left: Black Friday sales. Middle: Father’s Day. Right: Lunar New Year.

As with most clients in the consumer retail business, things move fast in the Dress Smart world. Oftentimes we design, build, and send a campaign with a one–two day turnaround, keeping Dress Smart’s loyal customer base informed and updated with the latest in sales, competitions, and in-centre promotions. For larger campaigns that allow a longer timeframe, we’re always exploring new and innovative email designs to keep recipients coming back for more (and not reaching for the unsubscribe button).

For Dress Smart’s online competitions and digital campaigns, we integrate forms to send data directly from the Dress Smart website straight into Dress Smart’s Mailchimp database, tagging new recipients (and updating existing ones) with data that lets us both track campaign effectiveness and tailor future content to match recipients’ interests.

Screenshot of a recipient's profile in Mailchimp, showing several data attributes
When someone enters a competition on the Dress Smart website (and opts in to receive email marketing), we funnel the data automatically to Mailchimp, tagging the recipient with several attributes

Project highlights

  • Full email marketing service
  • Custom designs for larger campaigns
  • Campaigns always optimised for mobile users (as they are the clear majority among recipients)
  • Rich data integration with website forms

Expertise we provide to Dress Smart

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