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Black Watch House Online Store

We re-built the online store for St Cuthbert’s College uniforms, with a completely custom WooCommerce theme.

Black Watch House is the name of the online store, the name coming from the “black watch” tartan that adorns the uniforms. Because of existing integrations with the St Cuthbert’s intranet and other systems, WooCommerce was the required platform for the store.

Video: A dropdown “mega menu” gives the user access to every product category, on every page

Screenshot of a product category page, showing a grid of four columns with a product in each column
On category pages, compulsory items are clearly marked, as well as the options (colours, sizes) available for each product
Screenshot of a product detail page, showing large product imagery and product description
We added custom product attributes to specify the applicable seasons and school years for each uniform item

Advanced pick-up/delivery integration

We customised the delivery/pick-up process beyond standard options. Customers can choose from direct classroom delivery, in-school pick-up, or courier delivery. We ended up significantly enhancing the cart and checkout process to make this an easy choice for the customer.

Screenshot of the shopping cart on the online store
We heavily customised the standard WooCommerce cart layout for a better customer experience

Project highlights

Expertise we provide to St Cuthbert’s

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